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MONDAY is WALK IN DAY, you can come by without an appointment and free of charge. Our consultations for wedding guests, accessories consultations and your second fitting are also free. For our FRIDAY and SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS there is a consultation fee of 49 euros. Of course, we charge the service fee when you purchase your dress. If something comes up and you cannot keep your appointment, you have the option to cancel your appointment up to 48 hours in advance. In this case you will receive your service fee back. Otherwise, we will retain the security fee in full as described above.


Once you have made a binding decision on a dress, we will charge you a deposit of at least 50 percent. If you have chosen a dress in the sale or were given discounts through promotions, the total amount is due immediately. You can pay by EC card or bank transfer. If your dream dress at BLUSH & Once BLEU has arrived, we will contact you immediately to inform you about it. You then pay the remaining amount of the bill. You can do this with a payment term of 5 days in our boutique using an EC card or conveniently from home by bank transfer. The goods remain the property of BLUSH & BLEU.


Our manufacturers offer deliveries within six to a maximum of nine months. Express deliveries are possible for a fee and must be recorded in writing on the purchase contract. Can the dress ordered be canceled due to circumstances affecting BLUSH & If BLEU is not responsible - e.g. due to manufacturer or supplier fault, is not delivered on time (at the latest one day before the wedding) or is not delivered at all, the purchase contract loses its validity. BLUSH & BLEU assumes no warranty or liability for this that goes beyond the statutory provisions. In the event of late deliveries for which you are responsible, no claims can be made against BLUSH & BLEU can be claimed due to the delay. Our company cannot be held liable for any changes in the size and/or measurements of the customer on the day compared to the size and measurements specified in the order form. BLUSH & BLEU cannot be responsible for insignificant changes in colors, draping, lace; Decorations and materials that are found to be between the goods delivered and the goods in stock in the store at the time of ordering will be held liable.


In most cases, further adjustment will be necessary as a fine-tuning. BLUSH & BLEU does not include the alteration costs in the dress prices, so you are completely free to choose where your dress is fitted. We would be happy to carry out your change in one of our partner tailor-made studios or you can contact an alteration studio of your choice. The prices for alterations are individual because every dress is unique and costs vary from bride to bride. We charge forty-nine euros per hour for dress alterations.


At the customer's request, we will store a wedding dress free of charge for a maximum of 1 year or until the wedding, as long as there is capacity in our warehouse. Liability for damage or loss is excluded. This also applies to normal and simple negligence. The place of storage is either the storage room at BLUSH & BLEU or our seamstress's studio. Sample dresses | Sample sale dresses cannot be stored.


Complaints can only be accepted if the complaint is made immediately (before the goods leave the store). Complaints for goods that have already been taken away will no longer be accepted.
Fabric is a living material and, despite the most careful processing, even using the same dimensions, can behave differently from case to case for many reasons. There may therefore be slight deviations in quality, color and fit that are technically unavoidable. Customary or minor, technically unavoidable deviations in quality, color, width, weight, equipment or design cannot therefore be objected to.
The goods should be carefully checked for errors or defects upon delivery; Defects and errors must be reported immediately to BLUSH & Report to BLEU. The defects must be reported before delivery of the goods. In the event of a defect, the company will either correct the defect or deliver defect-free goods. If this repair fails, BLUSH & BLEU will refund the purchase price. Otherwise, your rights are based on the statutory provisions.


After U.SUnless the contract is concluded verbally or in writing, the goods cannot be exchanged or returned. This is because each of our dresses are custom-made for you. On the day we sign the contract, we will order your dress from the respective manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to cancel your order afterwards, so neither are you. We offer you the opportunity to choose another wedding dress at the same or higher price within 48 hours of concluding the purchase contract (orally/in writing). In the event of a defect, the customer has the statutory warranty right. In exceptional cases, if there are special reasons, such as pregnancy, an exchange can be carried out for a cancellation fee of 50% of the purchase price of the wedding dress to be exchanged, provided that the new wedding dress is at least the same price. An exchange for a cheaper dress is not possible.
Sample dresses | Sale dresses cannot be exchanged for 48 hours.


If individual provisions are or become ineffective, the remaining provisions remain valid. In such a case, the invalid provisions will be replaced by those that come closest to the economic purpose of the provision.

AS OF June 1, 2023

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